Museo Kaluz, A.C. (successively referred to as “Museum”), as accordingly set forth in the Federal Personal Data Protection in possession of Particular Individuals Act (successively referred to as the “Law”), its regulation and all applicable norms; informs you that it will be responsible for the handling given to the information that is gathered and controlled, understood as “Handling” the gathering, use, access action, disclosure and stored data regarding personal information, handling, utilization, transfer and disposition of personal data, by any means, having its registered address at the building located in Avenida Hidalgo 85, Colonia Guerrero, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México.

 1.           1. Collecting Information.

Your personal data can have been obtained or have been obtained directly from your representative, be it personally or by any electronic means, including optical, sound, visual and/or any other means (postal address, internet or by phone). Likewise, your personal data can be obtained either directly or indirectly, in other words, through a public access source given by a third party (Data Transfer); as with other sources permitted by the “Law”

 2.           Purposes for the handling of your personal data

The personal data we collect from you or whom you represent, shall be used for the following goals; firstly for those identified as primordial goals, in other words, those that are necessary for the legal relationship between the “Museum” and you or whom you represent, whereas the secondary are related to original, but do not prevent the legal relationship with the “Museum”.

Personal data regarding Clients and Service Providers.

a) Primary Goals: i) The healthy legal relationship between the “Museum” and you or whom you represent ii) the holding of actions that can and are done regarding all suitable legal requirements and the social bylaws of the “Museum”; iii) invoicing all payments and certifying the latter, by ways of supplying goods and/or services; iv) electronical payments and the classification of these in the accounting of the “Museum”; v) comply with information requirements of both legal and administrative authorities; and vi) the carrying out of any needed complimentary or auxiliary activity for the implementation of the previous goals.

b) Secondary Goals: i) Getting in touch with you or whom you represent to handle any related matter regarding your personal data or with this Privacy Statement; ii) contact information for handling any doubts or suggestions; and iii) quoting goods and/or services the “Museum” might require.

3.           Personal Data that shall be used for the goals described in the immediate previous point:

Data gathered from the Clients and Service Providers: i) Identification, personal and/or contact data; y ii) Financial, corporate and/or proprietary data. (Shall apply in each individual case).

 4.           Transfer and Referral of Personal Data:

“Museum” can transfer or refer your information to controlling companies, its subsidiaries and affiliates. In these cases, the party receiving the information shall previously assume the same obligations regarding its handling and care according in the instructions set forth in the “Museum” and what is established in this Privacy Statement, by which the third party receiving is mandated with keeping the information with strict confidentiality of the personal data transmitted and to keep such under the same or similar safety measures, which shall in every moment be backed up by the Personal Data Transfer Agreement currently in force.

In case there is a data transfer that requires your written consent, it shall be collected

5.           Video Surveillance Cameras within the “Museum”Grounds.

The images and videos taken by the security cameras in the “Museum”, shall solely be used with the purpose of your safety, as well of the other people that visit our facilities; as well as evidence in any previous investigation that requires it for the clarification of an event occurred within company premises. This data is housed in a restricted access room and is only used for government requirements in official investigations of a crime.

6.           “ARCO” Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition).

According to the “Law”, you can update or request the suppression of your data at any given moment by sending an email to

Likewise, you or your representative can at all moments access the information you provide, as limiting its use or disclosure, revoking and opposing the handling of the information provided, as well as rectifying or cancelling how such information is handled, through an email you can write us to:, directed to the Privacy Officer the “Museum” asking for your petition, or physically presenting such at Avenida Hidalgo 85, Colonia Guerrero, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México.

The person responsible is committed to give the required access set forth in the “Law” and its regulations on the matter, with the end goal that you or your representative can correct and identify any imprecision in the data provided, requiring us to do such necessary corrections based in the information consequently provided. The Responsible is not forced to validate the accuracy of the information regarding the personal data

7.           Security.

With the expectation of protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the data you have voluntarily given us, the Responsible shall do his/her best effort to protect the personal data, in a way to avoid harm, loss, altering, destruction and use, accessing and non-authorized handling.

8.           Limiting the use and disclosure of your personal data.

If you wish to limit the use and disclosure of your personal data, you shall forward an email to with the attention of the Privacy Officer that, for such effect, the “Museum” has designated with your petition, or physically presenting it in Avenida Hidalgo 85, Colonia Guerrero, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México.

9.           Modifications.

The responsible reserves the right to make any changes, as well as modifying and correcting this Privacy Statement at any given moment, with the sole obligation to make the corresponding notice to the Data Holder, which shall be communicated through these specific means of communication:

Personal Notices;

Email provided by the Data Holder;

Any other means of communication, be it public or private, known or soon to be known.

Document last updated: September 2019